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Online rainwater digest promoting sustainable water management practices. Includes articles, case studies, discussion forum and instructions for establishing collection systems.

Ole Ersson's: Rainwater Harvesting and Purification SystemIn January 1996 we installed a rainwater catchment system to capture Oregon's abundant rainfall. Portland receives between 3 and 4 feet of rainfall annually. During a gentle rain a typical Oregon downspout sheds several gallons per minute. Our twelve hundred square foot roof captures on average 3600 cubic feet (27,000 gallons) of water per year... Read More.
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The Nicholson's House: Offgrid LivingIt's a straw bale house, which means the outside walls are constructed of bales of straw pinned together with steel rods. The straw is then covered with chicken wire and a stucco coating is then applied. This coating keeps the straw from getting wet and increases the fire protection. A straw bale house constructed this way has a better fire rating than a normal wood frame house... Read more. The Nicholson's House: Offgrid Living An open forum for discussion of rain water harvesting as natural source of water for household and garden needs. Read more.
Texas Guide to Rainwater HarvestingIt is a practical guide to 'Rainwater Harvesting System Owner', featuring: # rainwater component system, # water quality & treatment, # water balance &system sizing, # rainwater harvesting guidelines, # cost estimation, # financial & other incentives, # references, #case-studies etc. The 88 page (2.4MB PDF document) manual is complete DIY information along with examples, data and illustrations. Also it is free to download.Download. Rainbarrel Tutorial: How to make a rain barrelA rainwater harvesting system can be as simple as a barrel connected to a downspout. Check the Rainbarrel Tutorial for tips on how to put together a system for as little as $15-20. One of our neighbors has connected his rainbarrel to his basement washing machine and gets virtually all his laundry water from this super-soft source for a miniscule investment. One notable advantage of rainwater is its softness. Rainfall in the Portland area contains about 5 mg/liter of dissolved minerals. Compare this with some hard groundwater which exceeds 500 mg/liter. Portland city water, which has an exceptionally pure source, is rated at 18 mg/liter. Read More. Health issues - Choice of Roofing MaterialsA literature on health aspects of RWH is surprisingly sporadic, even in countries where RWH use is widespread and of long standing. Read More.